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Welcome to Auto Brokers Inc.
Specializing in high-end luxury and exotic automobiles including Aston-Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and more. Auto Brokers Inc is dedicated to providing only the finest exotic and luxury automobiles to the enthusiast with discriminating taste.

At Auto Brokers Inc. We eliminate the middle man by offering you (the consumer) vehicles for the price of what the retail dealerships pay.  We are able to do this because we do not have the same overhead cost as dealerships do.  We provide you with a no hassle approach which allows you to shop with ease!  Search for your vehicle now!


How Do We Do This?
We eliminate the middle man by offering you (the consumer) vehicles for the price of what the retail dealerships pay. The reason we are able to offer you this great opportunity to buy at wholesale is simple. We do not have the overhead! Traditional brick and mortar dealerships have considerable overhead to support. They have high priced lot expenses which includes rent, electricity, etc. They have salesman commissions to pay, huge advertising budgets, and also a large investment in their inventory that just sits on the lot waiting to be sold. This causes them to have to charge retail for their vehicles to cover their expenses and make a profit. That is why they sell you through sales tactics instead of educating you on the vehicle. Mostly trying to sell you on monthly payment instead of the price of the vehicle. Also, they push you into buying what they have on the lot. Why, because they have money invested in that vehicle. You want a black vehicle with gray leather interior but they are trying to sell you a red vehicle with black leather interior! Talking you into a monthly payment that fits your budget. Then, unfortunately when you go to sell the vehicle in a few years you are what they call "UPSIDE DOWN IN THE VEHICLE". Owing more than what the auto is worth.
  How Do You Buy a Car From Us?
We do not carry an extensive inventory. Therefore we have a small investment in an inventory. We, also have an economical location, thus keeping our overhead to a minimum. This is how our no hassle approach to buying a pre-owned automobiles works. Just go to the find my car tab and tell us what your looking for and we'll find it for you. Let us know the year, make , model, type, color, options, and mileage you are looking for. We will then give you resources of information about that vehicle to help educate you. This information will include NADA retail value, and any consumer reports you may want to know about that vehicle. If financing needs to be obtained we will also provide you with that information. Once you have come to a conclusion on a vehicle we will provide you with a price. It will be considerably lower than the retail price. We will have thirty days to deliver the vehicle to you.

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